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At the beginning of the year, when business recovery was projected, driven by the resumption of purchases by China, the Coronavirus outbreak occurs, which has been worrying, not only for the market itself, but for the loss of lives that is occurring and the danger of this virus spread to other regions.

The company decided to focus on the beef sector, we brought in a professional with more than 20 years in the beef market to manage our new operation. Denizar Antunes Jr. joined the team since January, with extensive knowledge and experience in this sector in other large companies.

Thus LP Export begins 2020, reinforced by this and new hires that will happen to be even stronger and with more "expertise" in our team.

We will make 2020 another year of SUCCESS.


The trade war between the United States and China, affected business in all markets, due to the instability created.

We had to adjust to this and other turbulences, looking for new ways of doing business; we strengthened relationships with our real partners, with the aim of minimizing the consequences that have occurred throughout the past year.

We take 2019 as a year to remember and use as a learning and motivator for the years to come.


As a result of a successful partnership, LP Export and Rio Branco (Pif Paf) now join forces for another market: South Africa. In May, the truckers' strike stops the whole country and seriously harms the overall economy. Russia maintains the ban on Brazilian beef and pork. Presidential elections in October. All this leads the company to reorganize its operation and strenghthen its coorporate identity as part of a more effective communication with the market. LP Export invigorates itself for the future!

At the end of 2018, we hired, to strengthen the team and manage the company's pork operation, Marcia Datoé, with over 20 years of experience in this sector.


Operation "Carne Fraca" damages the image of the Brazilian meat and the country suffers the negative influence throughout the sector. Several markets bans and commercial barriers are imposed, meaning that several years of hard work had being wasted. Even with all the obstacles, various partnerships strengthen and solidify, Cooperativa Aurora is among them. Russia bans imports of beef and pork from Brazil in November for undetermined period.


LP Export and Lar Cooperativa Agroindustrial strenghthen their commercial ties and establish exclusivity for Singapore. China becomes the third largest pork importer from Brazil and the second largest of chicken. Russia and Ukraine increase their exports.


In January, Alegra starts slaughtering pigs for the domestic market, and in July, the first container is shipped abroad to the first country, Hong Kong.


The business operations of Chicken are intensified, counting on now also with South America. Marketing campaign begins for Alegra brand entry in several countries.


China´s representative office moves from Shenzhen to Hong Kong on March 28 this year. Another important partnership is born, this time with Lar Cooperativa Agroindustrial, one of the largest chicken producer in Brazil.


The company grows, operations increase 20%, reaching 50 countries. The first commercial relations between LP Export and Frigorífico Soychú, from Argentina.


New markets are achieved, such as the Americas, the Caribbean, Africa and Japan. LP Export is invited to participate in the International Project of the Meat Processing Unit to be built by three cooperatives: Castrolanda, Capal and Frisia, which will become the Alegra brand in 2014.


The number of business partners grows significatively and opportunities emerge with suppliers from other countries.


The expansion of the operations continues and a representative office is opened in Shenzhen, China, on September 09, 2009.The first step has been taking towards a partnership that still exists nowadays with Mountaire Farms, a North American supplier, and now, with exclusivity to the Middle East market.


A year marked by the economic and world crisis. The shortage of credit causes the breach of contracts and renegotiation of prices. With persistence and tact, the company continues to be strengthened.


LP Brasil Ltda starts operating on February 6, 2007, in Itajaí-SC, Brazil. New partner Luciano Colonetti promotes the entry into markets such as CIS and Russia.


Luiz Pedro Bertuol founds the LP Export DMCC on May 20, 2006 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company's first and most long-standing partnership is also born, with Rio Branco Alimentos, brand Rio Branco (Pif Paf). Initially, exclusive to the Middle East, and currently to Russia, Singapore and South Africa.

Sourcing Manager

Rafael Andreas Guenther [POULTRY]

Márcia Daltoé [PORK]

Denizar Antunes Junior [BEEF]


Natalia Colonetti Lima


Gustavo Ribeiro Brandao

Paulo Fuganti (Singapore)

Terrence Lo


Natalia Colonetti Lima

CIS, East Europe and Russia

Denizar Antunes Junior

Márcia Daltoé

South America

Márcia Daltoé

Middle East

Rafael Andreas Guenther

Cristiane Gonçalves

Paulo Fuganti