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Exclusive Representation

Much more than a simple service provider. A developer of a mutually supportive program to reach strong synergy with the suppliers business strategy. Ready to representing and safeguarding its business partners interests globally, combining excelence of services and market knowledge, with experienced professionals and tangible results.
Sourcing Manager

Rafael Andreas Guenther [POULTRY]

Márcia Daltoé [PORK]

Denizar Antunes Junior [BEEF]


Cyntia Cazarotto Cavalheiro


Gustavo Ribeiro Brandao (Southeast Asia)

Paulo Fuganti (Singapore)

Terrence Lo (China and Hong Kong)

Natalia Colonetti Lima (Singapore and Vietnam)


Cyntia Cazarotto Cavalheiro

CIS, East Europe and Russia

Natalia Colonetti Lima (CIS)

Denizar Antunes Junior

Cristiane Gonçalves

Márcia Daltoé

Cyntia Cazarotto Cavalheiro (CIS)

South America

Márcia Daltoé

Middle East

Rafael Andreas Guenther

Cristiane Gonçalves

Paulo Fuganti

Our Offices

Itajaí - Brazil

Itajaí - Office
Av. Marcos Konder, 1207
Ed. Embraed - 2º andar, Sala 28/29
Centro - Itajaí - SC
Brasil - CEP: 88301-303
Luciano Colonetti
E-mail: luciano@LPexport.net

Dubai - UAE

Dubai - Head Office
Jumeirah Lake Towers
Building Silver Tower
30th Floor, Office 30G
PO BOX 337481, Dubai - UAE
Luiz Pedro Bertuol
E-mail: LPexport@LPexport.net

Hong Kong - China

Hong Kong - Office
Unit 1301, 13/F,
OfficePlus @ Prince Edward,
No. 794-802 Nathan Road,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Gustavo Ribeiro Brandao
E-mail: gustavo@LPexport.net